I just found out about this group about a week ago, and I love all of them. They use tons of samples. Normally I would find it annoying, but it kind of adds to the uniqueness of the band. They're fun as hell.

Anybody else like?
I would've thought that using lots of samples would make them unoriginal.

But whatev.
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I would've thought that using lots of samples would make them unoriginal.

But whatev.

Eh, you're right. It just kinda adds to the songs instead of detracting from them, is what I meant. They use a **** ton of samples, but they do it pretty well. And the samples all fit in with the songs. And it makes them pretty fun to listen to. you can play a "name that movie" game!
Mmm. These guys are delicious, musically speaking. I actually burned one of their cds from a friend quite some time ago, but only really gave it a listen a couple months ago.
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Horrible band. They just use samples way way too much. As soon as you're getting into a song, it gets ruined with some crappy random sample.
how anyone could like this band is beyond me. how is putting movie clip samples into songs talent? they take away from the actual music, which sucks anyway, so its even worse.
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My friend asked me if I listened to this band a long time ago. I had never heard of them, so I checked them out. I think they are awful. The samples alone are annoying, but even the music is bad.