I wanna get a shred guitar. 600 dollars max with a locking trem 24 frets. doesnt have to have good pickups cuz i will change em. any recomendations?? and how bout the pickups?
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www.rondomusic.net get an SX SEG1 STD, i have it and it rules for the price
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Ibanez S470.

****, doesnt have 24 frets, just pull up on the trem/bend up or something, or fork out the extra cash for the RG1570. Also, it isnt the guitar that makes a person shred, its the person
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Ibanez RG1570 (save up), used RG5xx/RG7xx, ESP LTD MH400 (no need to upgrade the pickups, the only thing you'd need upgrade is the bridge, add more $50).
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