So i went down to guitar center today to look around at the sale they were having. I happen to see this white guitar from a distance and checked it out. It was an old strat/ I quickly noticed it had permanent marker scribbled all over it which upset me a bit. So i ask the guy if theres any way i could wash it off and he said no. so i went and played it and it sounded amazing through various tube amps and i re-talked to the guy about washing it off. He then told me the signatures were pink floyd. David gilmour being my all time guitar man i quickly became interested. Its signed by David Gilmour, Richard Wright and a third member. I began to joke around about how they were fake and blah blah. The guitar center manager showed me pictures of a guy holding the guitar signed with in fact the members of pink floyd. He gave his authorization that the signatures were real, but since no photo of the actual signing, no 20,000$ pink floyd price tag. So i walked out with the guitar with only taking 380$ out of my pocket. the guitar is a 96 American strat.

how do you guys feel about this. Real or fake? im pretty conviced even if i cant sell it for tons of money, its still cool to have a pink floyd signed guitar.

even if the sigs are fake, who cares! It will still be awesome
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Eh they're probably fake.. But that's interesting
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^Well could be the fact nobody ahd bought it or touched it. Some guitars can go down alot fi the store jsut wnats to get rid off it!
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