alright.. my birthday is on Nov. 3 so in about a month...

(my current guitar is in my pro)

my dearmond goes out of tune when capo'd and doesnt stay in tune other wise...
there are lots of other things wrong with it.. i bought it used for about $250 and ive had it for a couple three years..

i have a vox ad30vt

im looking for something new..

some things i want are:
under about $450
excellent cleans
stays in tune well
nice smooth distortion
good sustain

thats basicallly it..
any suggestions?
thanks in advance...
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get a japanese made fender. Hopefully, soon im gonna be getting a 62 reissue fender strat (japanese made)
I would either say schecter, esp, or if you have the money, a PRS. All have wonderful cleans and can scream when you want them to. And they stay in tune very well
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1st and foremost, what's your genre? what kind of music do you play?
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Schecter is the only way to go. It dont matter what style you play, every schecter is amazing. The Omen-6 is around your price range so check that out, i own it and frickin love it. Takes alot to go outta tune and the string thru body and carved top make it look like a $1000 guitar (IMO plays like one too)