I was wondering, since I'm gearing up, which guitar is better:

A Gibson les paul junior (like the one Jimmy Page plays on the live version of "In my time of dying.")


A Gibson les paul classic

Note: I play mainly BLUES and CLASSIC ROCK!
Also, which pick-ups are best for clean sounds, and none of that bzzzzzzzz in the backround when you turn on distortion?

And best wah pedal.
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well, as far as i understand, the lp junior has a p-90 pickup and i think that pickup suits punk best, but then again, i dont know much about gibsons.
for what you want id go with the classic, as simply put if you dont want buzz with distortion dont get the junior, the p90's single coil will sound like a bee is following you, so unless your willing to compromise that then classic it is
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LP Classic obviously, but what amp are you using?
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LP classic and a vox wah

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to get classic rock or blues at one time your going to be suggested to buy a tube amp why because thats what they were built for :P and my suggestion a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe but you may need an added OD pedal since the OD on the amp is really really gay. or the cheaper yet softer amp is a Fender Blues Junior olny 15 watts tube but good enough if your bed room practicing but may need to get a Hot Rod Deluxe if you do plan on gigging at one point or another.