well im building a guitar out of maple and i was wondering if it could be used to play metal?
Cus maples very bright sounding (or so im told) and i don't know if it will be good.
Any suggestions on pickups would be good too.
Depends what kind of metal you want. If you want a lot of the more darker metal, you won't get the sound you want with it.
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It should sound fine.
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It will sound good for lead work. Rythm might be a little weak on it.
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so i should probably stick with a pickup that can handle a wide range to accomidate the body sound
Maple is veeery bright.

Good for lead, methinks, but not so good for the rhythm say I...
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It should do good, but you might want to find a bassy pickup to go in the bridge. I'd think that if you would put a Swineshead Xbucker it should sound good.
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Dave Murray from Iron Maiden uses Starts almost exclusively. Chances are he has a maple body somewhere in his collection and looking at your sig if it works for him it should work for you.

^ I agree with dead-fish, make sure the bridge p'up isn't vioced too bright.
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I have a guitar made out of maple and it's for low tunings so i'm sure u will be fine. The sound is very bright tho, i can get a lot of bass from my amp.

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