I tried out a fretless jazz bass and absolutely loved it. right now i just have a starter ibanez and would like to get a better bass for Christmas. so whats some good 5 string fretless basses i can get for around $500 (if thats possible) ill mostly be playing punk to rock.
you usually dont play punk with a fretless but if you like the sound of playing it on a fretless be my guest

and i would say get a fretless fender or squier those are ussualy punk bass i have a squier and its great for that kinda thing.
well some one told me that, and i told them it doesnt matter, so the most i would need would be a squiar, cause there must be something better out there.
im sure there is but when i think punk i think Fender or Squier, im sure theres something else out there but nothing else comes to mind mayeb ibanez but people ussually use them for metal
^ Same

Well not quite "made me want to go fretless", but i wanted to try a fretless for the longest time, and the store only had that fretless, and considering that i was happy with what i could get from a squier... well you know
How does the douglas compare? it seems to me the big differences are: The bridge, the name, and the S vs H pups, and the hardware (chrome vs gold)

Im talking about the douglas fretless, btw, the one that looks very similair