No, Iron Maiden isn't coming to my school talent show, but I'd like to try and stand in. I want to play "Different World" at the show, but I can't play the solo and I'm slow on the lead. What do you guys reccomend? Should I just dive in and keep hitting it or work with something else first?
It's not a hard song at all, just keep working at it. You can get it definately by the time the talent show rolls around. Don't give up.

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Well that show isn't until april I think. It's mainly power chords, but I just am not very fast. Reccomended exercises?
Practice anything (scales, chords) in the key of E minor.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

Uh-oh. Theory gobbledegook... Actually I'm going to start learning theory pretty soon. But until then, do you have a few links for E minor Exercises? Til then I shall explore!
this sounds stupid but play it everyday till your sick of it. one day it will just click on the solo and the lead will be up to speed. it happens to me all the time
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well, thats what I did with a Boston song rnrsoldier. After a while I was able to "go bananas" but the two songs don't compare much.
You have until April, that's 7 months. Just practice a lot and keep working at it I'm sure you'll get it by then. Good choice in songs, I love the main riff in Different World.
Yes, but my day will be rapidly filling up soon: College, ROTC, Work, Exercise for ROTC, Homework... I won't get to practice for the show as much as I'd like. But I'm sure it'll hapen
You'll still probably be able to do it, just practice when you can. If you get too worried just think of another song to do just in case or improvise/write your own solo for it.
You have like 6 months to learn it...
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Yeah we were talking about trying "only the good die young" I looked at the tablature for that. Doesn't seem to difficult. Martini I'm afraid I haven't heard Paschendale. I'll go give it a listen...
Heres what you do if you want to nail this thing.

Get a metronome and a device on which to record yourself (download Krystal which is a free recording software with a built in metronome and kill two birds with one stone)

Set the beat at half the normal tempo of the song, now play the song in time with the beat of the metronome (remember to record youself).

Play back your recording, if your playing it perfect at this speed without errors then you can increase the speed of the metronome by 10 beats per minute

Now record yourself playing the song at the new metronome speed, and again listen back to it when you are finished. Keep practising at this new speed till you nail it right, when you do get it then increase the speed by 10 Beats per minute. And repeat this process until you are wailling along at the right speed.

Couple of tips.

If you get stuck when you increase the speed by 10 BPM, then try only steping up by 5 BPM.

If you make a mistake while playing then Do Not Stop Playing keep going, its important that you learn to cope with mistakes. While you are aiming to play without mistakes you have to accept that you are not infallible and you may make an error, so attempt to make no errors but learn how to deal with them.

Good luck and all the best with your performance, may you never fall flat on your a$$
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see if you can do both different world AND paschendale. that would be an insane 15 mins!