Years have passed, days too many to count
Since I last laid eyes upon your face
But your words still ring as loud as before
Though I wish there was no single trace
I was rescued from your dreadful hate
But the scars you inflicted still remain
Your acidic words burned so badly
And left a visible dark stain

Because you said the same things
Over and over and over again

Nothing_________You're nothing
--------"A wasted life is just what you are
Nothing_________You're nothing
---------Your existence boils down to nothing
Nothing_________You're nothing
---------I know for sure you'll never get far
Nothing_________You're nothing
--------There's no point to this life you're living

Back then I was blind to the truth
I thought you loved me and would change
But people like you never shift ways
Although you'd do great to rearrange
I've learned to forgive you and your words
But there's no way they'll be forgotten
If I learn to bury the hatchet
I can prevent becoming rotten

I might never really be free
From the damage you'll never quite see
the first two lines i thought were really great...the rest is not bad at all, but i think you should arrange them a little bit so you don't miss how the words flow throught the song.. besides that it's pretty good writing, a little cliche here and there, but good after all...anyway that's it