My friend asked me this, and I told him I'd look it up, but what are your opinions on it???????
it really depends first of all on your budget and wat you wanna play.. alot of people start out on squire strats
I dunno what the best is, but I started on a Fender standard strat.
It depends on the style of music.. i personally would go with a Epihpone Special-II

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For a 1st guitar I'd say get an immitation strat, an MIM strat, or an RG that does NOT of a floyd style trem. I recomend these because you can get pretty good ones relitivly cheap and they work for most styles of mucsic. The RG is a little more limited then the strat but they tend to be cheaper as well.
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take a look at Samick's Greg Bennett series guitars..i got a malibu as my first guitar..they're quite good for the price..although the stock pickups arent something to write home about..
Best starting gear out there, i'd say Yamaha Pacifica/Ibanez GRX40/Ibanez GRG121/Ibanez RG321MH.
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its like skates, always the simple ones kick ass for beginners. i started with a squier strat.you'll need a new one in about a year or so.then get a epiphone(i made the mistake of getting a vintage vp6 and now i have to pay for an epi SG )
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Id have to agree with the Yamaha Pacifica 112 that the others have mentioned, it is one good guitar for the money.

Washburn X20 are really good for beginners as well, Lag V100 is a real nice starters axe too
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