i wrote this cos my life was falling apart. nothing was going right and so iwrote this.

I'm tired, your angry,
idont see any reason to blame me,
im trying to help my self...
iwant to just break free,
idont want you to see,
whats really apart of me.


what are you looking for.
cos it not the first and,
what have you been hunting,
cos im already on the floor.


WEll its not the first so you wont findout,
its better to know then to doubt it,
now seeing and time im cut off for the first time.


Its hard to just tell you,
ive had enough and ive got go through,
im thinking,
its ending,
time to pack up,
your not decsending,
after all we've gone our ways.

Pre Chorus.


well its not the first(11)
so you wont find out.
yea iknow its unpropper in all. its talking about not the first regret or first time all has gone wrong but noone will ever know any of this .