im tryin to memorize this but this site im at


its like weird, let me explain

i learned the minor pentatonic scale off of 5 box shapes, and that was very simple all you have to do is memorize the shapes and they all interlock and then take the first shape line it up with the note and your in key, well do they have shapes for this scale? or do i have to memorize that entire jumble of notes at once?


ps, if there are shapes just tell me what numbers they start on in that link i gave, use E if it isnt already on there

psps, not sure what ps means
I don't recommend scale patterns. You will end up thinking of a scale as a pattern, while I can understand why patterns are useful, it will be a pain to memorize and use effeciently across the entire fretboard.

Scales are vocabularies of notes, not patterns. If you want that pattern, couldn't you just take the minor scale patten and raise the 7th?
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See those darker blue notes at the beginning? If you just want a pattern, use that. Although kirbyrocknroll is right, patterns aren't the greatest idea.
Just learn the intervals so when you want to start learning other scales, you won't have to start memorizing tons of patterns around the neck.