i dont want to buy a cab, id rather build it, but i have no idea how, is there like a DIY website that show how to do it, from scratch?
i want a 4x12 or a 6x12
any suggestions?
look at the sicky threads, theres one on cabinets.........and maby the search button too.........
you should have noticed that before you even started this thread. also try searching first. another fellow ug'er just build a 4x12" cab for around $50
6x12 wont work. the ohms will be all messed up i think. try an 8x12, or an 8x15!
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^agreed,and why do you need six speakers anyways.if you want make a 4x12 and put a 2x12 next to it(or on top)
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if you messed with it, you could get the ohmage right for a 6x12 cab...but it would be odd. again, you don't need 6 speakers.

what are you gonna do with a cab anyways?
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