Well, one is custom shop and only one of twelve, where the other is mass produced.

Which one do you think is higher quality?
lol, i no but i saw the limited edition strat at my local music shop and it was cheaper than the highway one, so i just wanted 2 no if it was cause of the hard ware or sumthin lik that
You sure you didn't just see the Squier "Obey" strat? They kinda look the same...
no it was definetly the limited edition, i asked the guy at the shop
its a sick lookin and sounding guitar
Well how much is it? And buy it if you love it that much.

Hmm, it was cheaper? Are you sure that's the model in the link? If it is the custom shop one for less than a Highway One, buy it and never look back.

Are you sure it's not a Mexican 50's Classic Strat you saw?
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No way in hell would the custom 1in12 be cheaper than a Highway.. highways go for about £300 in my music store and no way at all would they sell a one off custom for less than £300.