does anyone else find themselves moving away from the bass to the electric guitar, i mean i've been a bass player for 3 years and recently i've been playing alot more guitar than bass. however, i still do play in my band committed to apathy
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LOL,i find myself converting from electric guitar to bass. Dude,no matter what,bass still
rocks !!!!! It's a normal thing,you just get bored of something then try some other stuffs but
in the end you will revert back to what you really like.No harm trying out though.

no offence but what's the point of this post anyway.Well,i hope it helps in whatever way.
lately ive been playing my bass more than my electric guitars, but thats mostly because i just got it a few months ago and am still trying to get my skills up, I actually enjoy playing both equaly.
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I like both. I prefer bass, and playing bass in a band is what I prefer always. But when playing alone, guitar is fun as well.
i played bass for a while
then traded it for a guitar
then traded the guitar for a bass
but now i have two basses and a guitar
iv converted from guitar to bass
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Well I still play my bass more than guitar,and i like bass more than i do guitar, so I like to think of it more as "branching out."