Wrote this song suprisingly fast. Most ideas of mine have to do with love (the greatest mac of them all!) and well there I was trying to think of something a little more interesting. I got caught up in thinking about "puppy love" which is the love some people feel in highschool compared to the love others feel when they get married. I'm hoping the ending is kind of a suprise to you, I could see a music video going with this quite well

Suggestion and ideas would definetly be appreciated! I am new here, so I will be posting and doing critiques a lot.

Imagining the Nightmare Ahead
by Willard

Two drunk people walk down this aisle.
Two wasted lovers stare into their eyes.

Wasted from waiting,
****ed up from jading
these stories that are lies.
Drunk from lust,
it felt like just
more than love.

Four swollen eyes glaze at each other.
Two dry mouths meet another.

Swollen from crying,
for all the lying
has gotten out of hand.
Dry from screaming,
take a mental beating
at each other for leaving.

"Lady will you marry me?"
"Only if you carry me, I'm more weight than you can bare..."
It will be more than a dream,
a nightmare...

Call it off, for the groom has died,
a heartattack from the bride's stupid lies.
By the time you wake up from this dream,
a 15 year-old you are, imagining...

Only imagining...
That's all I wanted to do as a kid. Play a guitar properly and jump around. But too many people got in the way. -Syd Barrett