ive been playing guitar for a little over 2 years now, and i really love it, i still do it every day, and im pretty confident in how i play....but im starting to realize being a guitarist in a band is real hard, cus theres just so damn many of us. i wanna learn bass or drums, but im not sure which. im thinking about taking lessons on drums for a few weeks, and if i like it buy a set (i just got a job and makin about 150 a week), that or a bass. honestly, drums appeal to me way more, bass seems just like a less interesting guitar to me, ive played before. but there almost none here, and could get in a band easily.

i donno, what do you think would be better to learn? bass or drums? im confused. also how much would i have to spend to get a decent drum set? (nothin fancy, just a little bit above a beginner ****ty one).
you can probably get a mediocre drum kit for around $500-$700 but bass would be easier for you to slide into probably because its simmilar to guitar in terms of scalse and whatnot, but i would suggest you try both and see which you like more. Oh and bass can be every bit as interesting as guitar if you know how play it well.
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drums are well fun. i play guitar and at college i just get on the kit all the time and have learned to play a few decent beats