well, idk if its a heavy metal riff, but its something i came up with today. it gets repetitive near the end. It's in drop c tuning. im wondering if anyone can help me find a rythym riff to follow, then progress into verses.

thanks in advance
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aside from it being the same thing over and over again, its good, a really good riff going. but make it into a whole song! u cant harmonize a riff and use it again and expect it not to sound repitive. id change temp, maybe go into double time with a crazy thrash like riff and then maybe an acoustic chorus. it could sound awesome

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Really nice riff, has a sort of Egyptian feel to it. The harmonizing worked well, but it still gets a bit repetitive, so maybe try to change how its harmonized after a few times (change from octave higher to fourth higher, or some other interval). See if you can create another riff that sort of ties in with this, because if you can do that, you'd be well on the way to having a great song.
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thanks guys. i know the harmonized riff gets repetitive, i was s'pose to delete the last 2 repeats, but forgot. i'll see what i can do for a riff that ties in with it. cheers