I think of buying a KORG AX3000g and i want to hear your opinions!
I play mostly metal like Children of Bodom, Machine Head, Slayer and stuff like that. I got an Ibanez Sz520 and think of buying a squier showmaster. I use a hughes and kettner matrix 100 (sounds like marshall MG100)
it gives me some effects but you can just chose one and you cant turn it off over a footswitch. the distortion is ok but not the best i also think of buying a wah and then i saw the korg
I have a Korg AX3000G, don't really use it much anymore - mainly used it when I would jam over friends house, didn't feel like bringing my setup, so just got the AX3000G and plugged into his PA. Check out the sound clips on Korg's website, the samples are actually accurate, what you hear is what you'll get. Very versatile unit, a bunch of cleans and distorted tones to pick from and you can match them up with a bunch of different cab simulations. Check out Korg's site for clips.
What EQ settings are you using on the Matrix?

Also, you can buy a footswitch for the FX on and off. They cost about £10.
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