A lot of people consider modern rock 'all the same', some say you can't tell a band from another, or a song from the next. But Breaking Benjamin defines 'wrong assumption' in this context.

Ben, the lead singer, has an amazing and unique voice and an incredible lyric writing ability. And the band can sure as hell play their music well! There's no lip-syncing in concerts, there's no 'rolling tape' to help them on songs, there's no 'let's not play our best'...they sound, if anything, better in concert!

Anyone agree?
evidently not.
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i personally like Breaking Benjamin. The only thing i dont like about them is that after a while they start to bore me. when I first started listening to them I thought they were awesome but now i barely listen to them (even though with the release of their new album i have listened to them a little more). Songs like Firefly, Polyamarous, and So Cold caught my attention at first but then i just couldnt listen to them anymore.
I'm going 2 see BB....SO I GUESS I'LL FIND OUT!!!!!! I couldn't really imagine a band as good as them, bad in concert
People don't know who they are at my school, but they rock so hard how can you not.
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i love Breaking Benjamin. i got the simple we are not alone cd the day after it's release, and love it. not a lot of people at my school know who they are either, but everybody who has heard of them just loves them too. i even got my dad into them.
meh they're okay, i wouldnt say that ben had incredible lyric writing ability, its all pretty average, but some of there riffs are quite good
Don't care for them
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I hope that we could get some real metal out there. I guess A7X a start...
But nu metal does have its moments like Slipknot Mushroomhead and Korn.

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They're pretty sick.
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They're a hilarious band behind the scenes.

The Lead Singer Ben looks scary in all his videos, but after watching videos with him, you will see he is a total nerd/wimp.
The Bass Player, Mark looks like he's insane but is actually a normal guy.

Regardless, I love Breaking Benjamin and I'm seeing them on thy 20th, nastyyyyyyyyyyyy
really great band!!!! i like em a lot.....ben has one of the best voices in the scene....kicks ass
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Doesn't this go in the Nu - Metal furum?

why in the world would you label Breaking Benjamin as Nu-Metal?!
i love breaking benjamin and they are one of the few good bands out there


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why in the world would you label Breaking Benjamin as Nu-Metal?!

Technically, the yare Post-Grunge, but i see how he morphed them into the nu-metal forum. They do have some qualities that make them nu-metal. Oh, and by the way, there has already been like 4 BB threads in the nu-metal forum and i posted in all of them so....yeah, like stuff and junk.

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BB is the best modern rock band out there i would call them ALT/Rock though in between rock and metal to hard to be alternative to soft to be metal. Ben does have the voice and song writing abilites that everyone would love to have. I am actually surprised that they found a drummer that does a heck of a job replacing jeremy hummell. Great band and wish you luck jeremy you deserve it. Scott Phillips and Jeremy Hummell are the best rock drummers out there
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there a damned good band, there new cd is great, even with my freind butchering the words trying to sing along
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amazing live. however, i left the mainstage at this radio show the were at early so i could see lostprophets
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they are my 2nd fave band right now - right behind Atreyu. I'm seeing BB in concert on Sat. in OK City!!! It'll be great! Ben has such a great and distinct voice and you CAN'T get him confused with anyone else! We Are Not Alone was AMAZING! One reason may have been the "actually able to tell all the songs on the record apart" factor. They can do anything, andy genre, and make it sound great!
i agree BB is the best modern rock band out right now and they live like half hour away from me
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My favorite modern rock band by far. Seen 'em twice, and they sound just as good live as they do on their cds. And to goodhardcore, We Are Not Alone is my least favorite of their 3 cds. Saturate and Phobia are better in my opinion.
^Well your friend is semi partially right.

Technically, they are Alternative Nu-Post Grundge Metal Rock.

How'd you like them apples?

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I have 2 of their cds, and am trying to find Saturate, no store here has it...pisses me off....one of the best, definitely. I got to see them live and they definitely are better live than recorded, which says a whole damn lot.
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i just got back from seeing them in concert... THEY ROCKED!!! Thier playlist was:
1. Polyamorus
2. Home
3. Shallow Bay
4. Breakdown
5. The Diary Of Jane
6. Breathing (which they said was thier new single)
7. Sooner Or Later
8. Away
9. Dance WIth The Devil
10. Simple Design
11. So Cold
??. one song during the later half of set that was off of Phobia but I couldn't place it.
I wish they could've done Firefly, Follow, and Medicate though.

By the way... Ben Burnley is just as powerful live as on the cd!
Breaking Benjamin... how to put this...

yeah, that's good.
They're probably my favorite band right now (and have been for awhile). It's a shame, really a lot of people I know don't know about them, even though they're really awesome. Definitely THE best hard rock band out there right now. Been listening to them ever since I heard so cold on the radio and bought we are not alone the next day (way back in 2004 :P). I'm not sure there's a song they have that I don't like. I mean, yeah. They rock.
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Zakk Wylde.
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It's a shame, really a lot of people I know don't know about them, even though they're really awesome.

I know. At my school, i am like the only one who have heard of them. It is weird. They are incredibly talented, yet no none else here seems to hear of them......Well, one of my friends have heard of them.......he hates them .