Ok, so my bands playing a few gigs then planning a small tour over the next few months and I desperately need to upgrade my bass equipment before then. At the minute all i've been using for practice is my ****ty Encore starter pack.

Basswise i've been looking at this: http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=3847

I've played a couple and really like the feel.

Now when it comes to amps I really have no idea what to be looking for. Can anyone suggest anything. My budget is about £350 which is about $700.

My band also has it's own PA system if that helps.

But yeah, recommendations and the like would be great.

You have to remember things are more expensive here in the UK so £350 is more like $500.

Mexican p's are nice but try an american one and you'll really feel the difference. I've seen MIA Jazz basses on ebay go for £300. P basses are harder to come by 2nd hand because they're not so popular. Used will always get you more and 90% of the time there's no problem with a used instrument or amp.

I can't really help you on amps but if you find a used Trace Elliot they sound really good.

Because your band has a PA you can mic your amp up so you could get away with about 50 watts SS I guess, but unless you have some monitors, you're not going to be able to hear yourself well over guitar, drums and vocals.
What amp do you have?

A STD. P-bass sounds like a decent idea for a giggable bass. should survive.

But if you're doing shows... somethign from an Encore pack won't work ampwise.
Quote by MetalUpTheAss
What amp do you have?

A STD. P-bass sounds like a decent idea for a giggable bass. should survive.

But if you're doing shows... somethign from an Encore pack won't work ampwise.

Yeah I know, that's why I asked for help on the amp front cause all I have is a 10watt Krate amp.

I'll be definately buying that bass, but I need to upgrade my amp first and foremost, even at practices you can barely hear the damn thing. So yeah, recommendations on that front would be super.
I'd say get an Ashdown MAG210t-300 combo.
I use it for gigging and band practice, it's loud enough and can be completed with a MAG 115 cab.

I did some searching and found this:Ashdown MAG 210-300
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What you should look for in an amp: (Assuming you want to gig with this, as stated)

80-300 Watts, i would try atleast to get 100, thats what most people do.

2x10, or 1x15 speaker, if its 1x10, 1x12, 2x8, etc, its not good enough IMO (not as a standalone anyway). A 2x10 (or 2x12 if they make bass combo's like that lol) will get you punch, clarity, and some good volume if you're running 100+ watts. A 1x15 will give you that nice ball shaking bass you've dreamed of but could never reach with your Krate.

If you can, try for as big an EQ as possible. My ampeg ba115 was 100W, 1x15, and it's a pretty pricey 100W amp, but it only has a 3 band EQ, which i failed to notice LOL. I would try at the very least to get a 3 obviously, but if you can get 4-5 +, thats a big difference (unless you have an EQ pedal.. but still)

Other features that are positive: Horns, tweeters, accessories (if you buy new or used, the seller may throw in Casters, a cover, some kinda handles, etc.) etc.

Now i recommend you be open to buying used equipment, its very beneficial, because there's just a tonne of people like us who "buy a new amp, move on from their old", the same way once you buy this amp, you might want to sell youre 10W. Meaning, the amps arent broken, its just the player has upgraded, and you can take advantage of the situation and get a good deal.

Unfortunately, a quick check on craigslist.com tells me Newcastle dosnt really like to go on that site so i guess check classified ads, postings at guitar stores, pawn shops, all that stuff, and word of mouth too: ask musicians you know (or maybe who you dont know) if anyone is selling Bass guitar Equipment.