hey everyone

when im home i play an Epiphone G-400 and i use a Fender FM65R amp

The real trouble starts when i flick to the tone switch to rhythm (however it crackles even if its on treble or in the middle)
and my guitar starts to make some freaky, ear splitting crackling sound.

Ive tried so many different variables now with different amounts on treble and bass on both the amp and the guitar at different volumes and distances away.

I cant work out if its the amp or the guitar, ive asked around and people say it can have something to do with shielding or something.
or is it just the pickups being low quality or something?

any ideas?

thanks ill give it ago,

yeah i have suspected faulty wiring, could it be fixed at a shop or would i need to buy new pickups or something?
tried a different lead, i thought the problem was gone but after about 16 minutes of playing the sound returned.

my electric seems to attract the dust no matter how much it gets used, ill give it a clean today.
I had this same problem.

You need to get a wire re-soldered. (sp)

Yeah dude i had the same problem on my old guitar, i bought a new lead , (BE CAREFUL WITH NEXT STEP) where the lead goes into the guitar i unscrewed it and took it out and gave it a clean and got my dad to replace the wires going to it and then evrything was fine
you said u swapped that cable so...

if u wiggle the lead at get the sound then ur input jack wires are loose, or the jack itself is a little dirty. if the jack is dirty u can take out the jack and try to rub the connecting arm.

*have u ever hand tightened the jack after it bacame loose?

if the crackle comes while u flick the switch then u might be able to clear it up by spraying compressed air (sold in a can) in to the switch to clear dirt.

if u get crackling while u dial the knobs then u might be able to use a pot cleaner with lube to clear up the noise.

in all cases it could be dirt or that a wire is loose.

which part is making the noise and ill give u a step by step what to do next.

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hey thanks for your help everyone!

last night i went looking around in the back of my guitar and at the same time gave it a good clean (and tightened the jack) i found that the wires attatched to the tone switch where tangled and after manipulating the wires against each other to create the sound, i found the source of my problem....all 3 or 4 wires were tangled and crackling together becuase they had no insulation and the wire for the rhythm tone was broken and barely connecting.

This explains the crackling sound when i play it on rhythm.
Im taking my guitar off to have a few wires replaced and re soldered.

So thankyou everyone for your sugestions and advice!