Hello anyone who actually reads this. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3. it's a really nice guitar in most aspects but there is one problem. It's a three pickup guitar and it only has a three way switch controlling them which means in it's stock form it can only have one pickup active at a time. It also has the usual Gibson/Epi Two Volume Two Tone set up for the knobs. What I want to do is rewire what is currently the rhythm pickup's tone knob to become a volume knob for the middle pickup and then switch over the rhythm pickup's tone control over to the remaining tone knob which already controls the tone for the middle and bridge pickups. After that I have to rewire the selector to a standard Bridge-Rhythm-Both layout. I've never done any electrical work on a guitar before and although I've watched my cousin replace pickups the multitude of new wires in this case confuses me. Normally I'd start fiddling but, this is my only electric and I want to keep it playable. I'm looking for websites, schematics, somewhere to find schematics, perhaps even a walkthrough of what to do if someone is feeling charitable.
I might try to post some pictures but, I have to find my camera first and I have little hope for that.

Peace... and thanks.
wait.. you have a tone knob exclusively for your middle pickup then again another one for the middle and neck combo? Don't those guitars only have 4 knobs? in that case how can you have 2 volumes and 3 tones? do you not plan on having a tone knob for the bridge pickup when your done? (bad idea) . or do you plan on haveing 2 volumes and 2 master tones?, 1 tone and a dummy?... please clarify!
I understand. You want three individual volumes, and then a master tone?
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^ right to That Pink Queen, sorry I write long exhaustive paragraphs I'm not trying to confuse anyone. Anyway early this morning I had a string break so I used the oppourtunity to take the pickups off and examine the wiring in detail it's makes a lot more sense now. Even though I find it odd the way they switch colouring on the wiring for two of the pickups then again I'm not an electrician.