heyy ppl
i have an rg 1527
and i was interested in getting the pickups changes
so far ive looked at "emg 707" pickups
any other idea
btw i like a wide range of sounds from the new pickups

plzzzz do help

"wide range of sounds", "EMGs"

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Emg's are mostly for hi gain metal. if you want a wide range look at passive pups like duncans or dimarzio
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The classic RG pickup combo.
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the budget is around 300 pounds...n i have to buy a new amp n a pair of pickups aswell
the thing is ...im in china..... soo things are considerably cheaper here
anyways ..... cant anyone advise a well suited pickup for the guitar RG1527
n a nice amp too ........thanx
n yeaaa btw wats the difference between passive n active....where as performance is concerned
Actives use batteries, thus they have a strong signal. Hence why David Gilmour uses EMG single coils.
fyi you will need to resize the pickup cavity for emg 707s to fit as there the same size as bass pickups
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If you fit EMG's you will also have to change the pots in your guitar, otherwise they wont work.

Are you sure these things are much cheaper in china. I just dont imagne that american made pickups can be shipped half way round the world and then sold cheaper (i.e after export duty, import tax and shipping).

Please dont be offended by this but at the moment there seems to be a lot of fake guitars and parts coming out of china, are you sure the equipment you have and the stuff being offered for sale is real.
well there pretty much the same price......wat i meant with things being cheaper was with the amps....
there assembled here localy ..n then exported soo there much cheaper here than they might be in lets say the US n UK
btw has anybody noticed that all the old guitarists used dimarzio....n none of the newer crowd uses those pickups...
i mean all solo guitarists like petrucii,satirani n vai use these pickups.....but none of the newer crowd used them
try DiMarzio X2N 7 and a PAF 7, that's what I'm gonna put in my DC727... when I get it in 3 months

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