Better Recording could make a lot of these songs sound nicer + for your age i think your all doing very well. This is what i think though:

Keep it Company - I like this song, Guitar work is simple but nice, Gets a little bit sloppy in places but nothing to noticable, Backing vocals could be better.

Mr.llama Farmer - i dont like this, horribly sloppy in the middle and towards the end

This is the End - If this was better recorded and played tighter it could be good

Let my eyes - Same comments as This is the End, Not liking the solo but I'm sure it will improve as you get older.

I only listened to each song once though and I apologise for me shorts crits. None of your songs were bad but none of them were outstanding, maybe some of them will grow on me if I listen again.
I only listened to Mr.llama Farmer.
The guitar playing was pretty sloppy and those bends were out of tune. I didn't like the drums very much either.
But I liked the song. Very easy and catchy. This song has a lot of potential, but you have to work on that sloppy playing and bends.