I found a distortion pedal that I thought was in my price range, but i need it to increase my distortion alot, because the sitortion on my amp sucks... so within the price range of 10-70 bucks... what do you recommend, also please try to get them from the site i am linking to you, cause there store lets you try the pedals there at the store too. thanks... :-) this is the one i saw:

thanks again... :-)
my friend got that one.. i think it sucks hard.. didnt suited my kinda music.. but, u should try it and see if u like it

That's an overdrive. I'm assuming your amp is solid state. If so, that won't help.
What kinda styles do you play?
These go to eleven...
sorry kind new with these sorta terms... solid state? whats that mean, if you mean does it have distortion at all, yes it does... it has a gain knob, but not an overdrive knob.... I like playing all kinds of rock...., and jim, are you calling me a noob? cause the name of that distortion pedal is the Boss
SD-1 Distortion Pedal, but yes it does say overdrive....so dont say anything unless you are sure
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I won't go into what solid state is, but theres a lot of info here.

I would reccomend a Proco Rat but it's $20 out of your range. Otherwise you could try a Boss DS-1. Theres quite a lot of choices really. What amp do you have?

I was calling the guy above me a n00b.
These go to eleven...
I have an Ibanez GTA15R...its hard to find much about them... it came in a package... it has a Gain knob, a reverb knob, a mid treb. and bass knob, and main volume.