well i wrote this song because i can't be with the girl i want

Verse 1

Close your eyes,
i don't want you to see me cry
because of your love
cant see the light behind my tears


and i don't know
if i could...


take your hand
and together let's fly away
let me kiss you tonight
hold you tight
as if there will be no tomorrow for us


hear me out,
cause i'm calling for your love
i want to say things
but i cant

repeat prechorus and chorus

i want you
i need you
cant live without
let me hold you
kiss you
don't go away

Chorus then end

dude that was lame its just another generic song spice it up make it more positive try making it tell i real story then how your going to be strong an move on. cuz dude theres plenty of hot girls out there to get so stop crying over one girl. lifes to short one girl is nothing.
Quote by bumpy
what if it's the only girl you love????

Trust me mate, you'll move on and fall in love with someone else. There will always be others .

About the song: Not that bad. It could perhaps need some work, but it can become quite good.
The words/lyrics are only half the battle.The next step is how you express the song thru music
Some will crank up the volume.Any song can be a good one as long as you express it the right way.So far there is nothing but feelings there which is good because now you have to convert it to sound so that together it makes sense.It's easy to say but.believe me, not so easy to do.I can't even get started with something that easy but I'm still trying. Best of luck