Ok, well, i dunno if this is just me dreaming and wasting my money, or a good idea, but i have a fender FM65R and a zoom g2.1u multi effects pedal (as well as an epi lp classic). The amp has two inputs, and i was wondering if i could buy a mega distortion or metal zone (boss) and put it in there to enhance my distortion. THe distortion on the zoom is good, pretty damn good, but yeah, will the boss sound be better than the zoom multi effects? or am i just dreaming to hard and wasting my cash? Thanks
Yes it will sound better.
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It won't work if you put your guitar in one inout and effects in another. There'll be nothign for the pedals to distort. Just link the boss pedals to the effects:

Guitar -> BOSS DS -> Effects -> Amp.

It'll sound betetr though