hello all. I'm not a beginner but I thought this might be the best forum to post this. I just started playing guitar again after a 5 year layoff. I've been back at it now for about 10 months. Everything came back pretty fast. Something I never worked on that has hindered me somewhat is my index finger straightening out when I play a note with my ring finger. It's wierd. It only affects my playing when I start to play real fast. Playing chords is not a problem at all. If I use both fingers at the same time it doesn't happen. Sometimes I'll be a fraction of a second too late with my index after I play a note with my ring finger because it has to travel so far to play a note. I have done finger exercises for hours on end and tried lots of other things to help to no avail. Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this?? thanks
you need to break ur finger
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