as it says in the title i have encountered a problem. i'm kind of stuck in my guitar and bass playing ability, i'm not getting any better. i can play a whole lot of varied chords and stuff, i know all shapes of the minor penatonic, the major scale, the minor scale, the blues scale. on the bass i can read music, slap (quite well) and play quite fast. but i'm just not getting any better at my ability to play the guitar/bass lately, i play for few hours a day usually so it's wierd. i would like to be able to play beter and faster on the guitar. and i was wondering what some practice advice would be to increase my playing ability.
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play something you feel i sot of your comfort zone, you might feel like you suck at first, abut youll eventually get better. if you just stay with stuf in your comfort zone youll never get better
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if you dont think your getting any beter than upgrade. get a 7 string guitar. and get a 5 string bass.
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have u studdied theory lately? if not, then put down your bass/guitar, and learn all you can. sometimes to get better at guitar/bass, u have to stay away from the actual instrument and learn more about other things . also, if you're not jamming with other ppl or taking lessons, try those. go find some ppl to jam with, and go find a teacher. hope that helps
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i jam and i take lessons. i have band practice twice every week and lessons every week. i'm takeing the advice to leave myy comfort zone and trying to learn byob
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