I have a Schecter Damien 6 and it has the EMG H4 & H4A set up. My question is when i flip my pickup selector switch down to get that more treble sond the volume goes way down and it doesnt have nearly enough gain even on the sickest distortion. i just changed the selector switch and nothing changed. I brought it back to where i bought it and the guy told me i had the 81/85 set up so he has no clue he's just a salesman. I brought it somewhere else and he said that the selector switch was dusty and blew some air in it and it worked fine for 5 minutes. any advice?
that or you have a loose connection in your switch... i have a vintage gibson l6s that if the switch is bumped or switched a certain way it either cuts out or it is very quiet
i replaces the volume pot about an hour ago and its still ddoing the same thing. think it maybe the pickups?