sup all
im looking into buying a new guitar
i currently have a fender strat, which i love but dosent go with the music play
i play mostly metal
so i want a guitar that reflects that
im lookin into a Jackson KVX10 King V
its around 500, and look very nice to me
i really like the V
also its has 24 frets, which i really want seeing as though 21 on my strat is never enough
i would go would n try it myself, except that im at college n have no way of doing so
so im asking you guys, should i look into this? and if not, what other guitars of the sort should i look into?
I would get the RG321MH over that Jackson...its got a super thin neck, 24 frets, mahogony body, hardtail so you dont have to worry about a cheap trem crapping out. Only weak spot about the guitar is the stock pickups, but if you have 500 to spend on the KV, you have the extra money to spend for pickups on the RG. I think its somewhere around 320 dollars?...little more? I dont know. Even moreso, what amp do you have?
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I say you should go for an ESP LTD.How many money you have that you can spend on a guitar?
well...if you want my advice, one of the best things you can do is, i dunno, take a day off and go play one. Shouldnt really ever buy a guitar you havent sat down and played with for a while.

And the V is nice, i agree.
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And the V is nice, i agree.

Eh, I prefer Gibson/Epi V's.
They're the original V's
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hmm, im really lookin for something with the V, i lookin into the gibson n if im not mistakin it only has the 22 frets
i really am lookin for 24
Does it has to be a V?Right now I'm checking you out some LTDs.
You haven't answer the quesion?What amp are you using?
You should chech out Alexis Lahio's signature LTD or Michael Amott's signature LTD.Their both Vs.
the only negative i see about your strat is the amount of frets, but i play loads of metal too, and i just finished have a sweet session with my strat copy...alder body like most, 3 single coils and what not...if you slapped a humbucker in the bridge of your strat, and got a new amp, then you would get some sweet metal
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I agree with pierce34celtic man,you need to upgrade your amp.Ask him for amps,he helped me get a perfect one for my ESP LTD F-400.I can help you with the guitar.
the school im at has a room with all kinds of amps, so i dont need one while im up here, my mg is only like an in room practice if i get bored
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24 Frets remember? now I suggest getting the hardtail version of that King V...I think there's one.