Okay I got Pro Tools and configured it to work with my Maudio box, even tho it should, i got al the dil files for it...
anyways when i click the record button it sends what it hears through the speakers and its like delayed, but my maudio box basically has zero latency arleady in it, i want to get rid of the playback into the headphones in pro tools.. how do i do thiss? So when I click record I dont want to hear what im playing right tthen because im hearing it like a million second late, and it almos tosunds robotic i dont like it at all..
please help
nah I got it, it wasnt the latency that was bothing me, I just didnt want the sound coming at all. All you do is turn down the recording level fader to 0. Sweeness its no sound, now i just need a damn metrinome.