In my everlasting quest for a new guitar, I've had a look at a few semi-acoustics in my price range. These two stand out the most out of those I played, but I was hoping for some outside opinion, as I would like to know how reliable ( generally ) these guitars are over time as well as which one you think is better for whatever reasons. Also, any suggestions on suitable alternatives would be much appreciated.

I'm planning on getting an Orange Crush 30R, or a Vox VR30 as my amp, which means I wouldn't be getting much heavier than QOTSA, which is fine by me! I play a variety or music, from the 50's up to now covering most music, except metal (most of it anyway) and jazz (I'm not up on theory), but basically, anything with guitars is worth a bash at.

I should mention that the Artcore(s) I'm looking at are the AS73 and 83 (335 copies more or less), as well as smaller strat style semi's which I think are AWD's and FWD's.

You opinion is much appreciated.