This is my first Guitar Pro song. There's no drums, bass, or lyrics yet, so it's still a WIP. Tell me what you think, suggestions for improvement are appreciated.

Edit: I added a midi and gp4 version of the song too
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Some if it got a little repetitive, but that was probably because their were no drums or bass. The verse was alright, had a weird feel to it. Bars 48, 49 and 51 didn't really sound to good, the rest of the solo was alright. Try adding a fast part to it.

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ooo eriee start. nice lead following the intro - catchy. backing riff almost matches the gunshots which is cool. good lead in what i think was the chorus (i'm just listening to the midi- havent got guitar pro). overall i liked. altho, i feel solo needs more speed in places. but otherwise, really nice. thanks for reviewing mine as well dude
this song reminds me of the beginning music of some video game for the original nintendo. no offense, I love nintendo.
i liked most of it but the end with the high tremelo sounded bad(like where it goes to 21). its probably just because of guitar pro though, i never really liked its tremelo :/. a little repetitve at parts, but all in all it was pretty good.

do you all seriously think this is good or are you just out for return crits? IMO that was pretty dire man, the riffs were uninspiring and very boring and downright random. i honestly dont even know if youre trying to take the piss with it.