so lat night i was jamming with my uncle and my cousin in thier basement and my amp was sounding really good, i was playing my fender tele with seymour duncan pickups straight into my fender hot rod de ville 410 and it was pretty much the sweetest thing i have ever heard. even thought i had the distortion on it still sounded nice and clear and there was just the right amount of reverb. have you guys ever had a night when you get that perfect sound and you can't stop playing, if so explain
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I still haven't found the 'perfect' tone, but I have had times when I couldn't stop playing with an amp.

There's this amp at school made of some random digital preamp, wierd poweramp and old speakers stuck together. No-one knows how to use it. I decided to have a go, and I liked it's super-heavy distortion sound. I played every heavy song I knew. It was fun.
Yeah, I was high on drugs. But seriously I'm glad you've found the proper settings on your amp to get the tone you want, you should write them down.
Yesterday while I was working I got to play on a '65 Twin Reverb head through two marshall lead 800 cabs... I didn't stop playing until I had to help a customer an hour later.
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Congrats! I've found over 4 perfect tones with my setup, feels good doesn't it?
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I found my sound the other day. It had fallen off my dresser and got stuck behind it against the wall.

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My amp has it's own life so it's 50/50 wether my sound will be killer or bad. If it's bad I'll have to wait several hours untill the right sound comes back, and when it does I'm locked up in my room till my fingers bleed!

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When i isntalled the 12AY7 i just played for liek hours. I found the tone i wanted! Strange thing is that my amps sound muddy and misses attack and sounds too bright (so its "cutting") and the distortion sounds either too agressive or too little when i play at band practise, but not at home. The cab at band practise is a Marshall 1960 412 with G12-75's and at home its a no name 212 with Celestion G12- 50's.
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i hooked my boss stompbox through my Behringer 110 Ultraroc with the OD on, they say its tough on the amp but i started playing some 12 bar and it was the sweetest crunch ive ever heard. I got my LP to sound like Ritchie Blackmoore with a touch of reverb and that there but not there distortion all by changing tone on the guitar, sound is fun :-)