Kickass progressive metal band with some crazy guitar work. Check em out:

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The new album owns.
Although songs are not long as mudiling pointed out ,the new album is a great piece of musicanship.
I really like the song "Question & Answer". Jasun Tipton is the guy we should be watching out for. He's got talent.

EDIT: I was talking about the wrong band. Jasun Tipton is in ZH but I was thinking about his solo project. The band ZH is good though. Vocals are kind of a kill though.

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I can stand the vocals(I hate alot of prog because of the vox so that is saying alot) and don't generaly see what "they are killing" but different fish in different ponds I guess.
I already posted this extremely long rant on Zero Hour, so I'm just gonna copy it:
I love this band. I've been a fan of them for a long while. I live on the east coast, and they live on the west coast, but I did manage to see them in concert- it was awesome. They are such nice guys- We actually got to meet them and talk with them for a long time (the show started at like 6:30 and their set started after midnight so we basically got to hang out with them for several hours). They are all realy nice- me and my friends were rockin out so hard that Troy, their bassist, kept on givin' us high fives, saying "you guys rule," and **** like that while they were playin- he even came off stage with his bass still on during the singer's solo and hugged a couple of my friends. Jasun is a big influence of mine- I've used his Chops from Hell instructional dvd- and I got to talk with him about his techniques (I basically told him that his sweeps were awesome). The singer, Chris Salinas, gave a great performance- he was just dripping in sweat, rockin' out really hard, and he is an unbelievable singer. These guys are so cool that after their show we got to talk with them some more and Troy kept on hugging everybody. Even though they're so good they are REALLY humble. I definitely want to see this band make it big because they are so awesome and they are cool guys. If you don't have it, definitely buy their cd "Towers of Avarice."
ohhh zero hour (L)
i remember these guys somehow being linked to into eternity. cant remember why though
anyways yeah sweet band. awesome guitarist he makes such good riffs etc
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The new album slays; probably one of the most underrated bands on this forum.
This stuff is pretty crazy. The intro to Evidence of the Unseen is...damn.

I like it.
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