As If one wasn't enough I'm going to build another one...
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I like that....
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Nice paint job ... your a hella lot better than me at art. What you going to do with it?
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That's damn nice, congrats, you bastard.
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Here's the pickups that are going in it...

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I'm assuming you bought the body off e-bay like that already painted yes?

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Damn that is a nice paint job. How did you get that on there? Stencils? I am going to be doing something like that to my strat body. If you have the time could you PM me and tell me how to go about painting the body so it stays on nicely? Thanks.
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Awesome paint job man! Good luck with it!
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He probably didn't paint the body, but bought it like that already.
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It's an Ebay photo, look at the corner, all photos loaded onto enbay have that little camera embossed onto the pic, so yeh, you bought the body pre-painted and your re-fitting everything with things you've bought.

good luck, the body looks fkn cool
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Wow man, thats gonna be one nice guitar. Good luck with making the guitar and tell us how it plays.
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sure, just drop a couple hundred on lindy pups here, no prob.


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Yeah I bought it

I was enjoying the artist comments though, don't worry, I was planning on letting people know I didn't paint it

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