good question
i downloaded virtual drums some time ago...
but it sounds terrible
it's like rave...
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
acoustica beat craft isnt bad but all drum machines sound way to fake imo.
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the only thing i can imagine is guitar pro 5
it's altough not the best drum sound
but it's okay
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
you probably arent going to get anything that sounds good for free. i use Fruity Loops which doesnt exactly sound real, but sounds ok. it is not free, however it does have a free demo you can try. i think that most sequencers should be able to serve you to make drums, tho the only one ive ever tried is Reason. it was ok, but the demo cuts out after 20 min, which wasnt enough time for me to play around with so i didnt like it much.
do you have a mac... cause doggiebox s amazing.,... and its even possible to make good sounding tracks with just the free demo...
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There are some great free samples out there, but you'll need a sampler, obviously.

I've been using DFH Superior and I love it! Of course, it's not exactly free.

try out acoustica beatcraft, they have a free trial period, but you can't export to mp3, so you gotta mic your computer speakers

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FL Studio (aka fruity loops) is good and sounds pretty real if you get good samples and use some reverb. Its not free though. We really need a sticky on this.
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