Poll: Which is the best way to start a band?
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View poll results: Which is the best way to start a band?
A group of friends becoming able musicians.
39 38%
A group of musicians becoming friends.
43 42%
Musicians looking for work getting toghether.
7 7%
Shear randomness and luck.
11 11%
Voters: 102.
I was wondering which of the hundreds of ways to from a band you prefer.

1. Friends becoming a group of able musicians.
2. Musicians becoming a group of friends.
3. Musicians looking for work getting toghether.
4. Shear randomness and luck.
2 and or 3

1 becomes too dramatic and evil.

my current band was 2. we all played our instruments decently, and we became friends, and we found out we all played instruments. me and my friend quit my old band where the other people didnt know how to play their instruments and we all came together and its cool.
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mine would kind of be 4.... all my friends are pretty much musicians or really into music so it wasnt very hard to find a band full of guys we love.

well maybe 1... but we were already all able musicians
I have to say, it's usually randomness and luck that leads friends to pic up intruments, or musicians to become friends...

my band consists of a guy ive known for 13 years (im 14 yrs old) and 3 other really good m8s, and were all very musical so it works gr8, i prefer to play with people i know, that way i know were i stand
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Number 1 is the worst. It'll tear down friendship if it doesn't go too well (and it often doesn't).

My choices would either be 2 or 3, depending on your personality. Though number 2 sometimes leads to an excess of confidence between bandmembers, and that can be as bad as number 1.

Number 3 would be the best on a professional level.
i like how you spell 'toghether' in the poll

im gonna start spelling toghether that way
One, although it depends how mature your bands mates are when it comes to things like people quitting and being fired
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I pick two because...

One could be kind of dramatic. What if a friend isn't keeping up or is slacking? It'll be hard to boot 'em, no?

Three might make everyone focused on work to much. Part of being in a band is to have fun and do what you love.

Four is good too, but a bit to chancey in my opinion.
1, because if you're already good friends and you can competently play instruments, things work out (usually), because you know each other well and get along.

2 goes good too.

between these two methods, cracklab (my band) was formed
Number two is probably the way to be most successful, but for just having fun number one is also good.
The best way is a bunch of freinds that happen to be musicians starting a band.
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i met my lead guitarist while i was jamming at a party, a bunch of people picked up guitars, and we just sounded good together, i was fresh out of a band and said "hey, lets start a band" and we are still together. just recently kicked out a drummer, ruined a friendship, i met him in a band a while ago. we are now putting up flyers to find other band members.
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1 or 2
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5 - show up to a house with a guitar saying your there for band practice. If that doesnt work, try the next house.
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I'd say two, just because three sounds a little sterile. Personally my band is a split between 1 and 3. My best friend is an amazing bassist with the same musical interests as me and we both sing... The drummer was just a guy we found.

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Mine is kinda of 1 and 2. I started learning Guitar, then somebody I didn't talk to too much started learning a few month later. We started talking more, I was helping him a bit with tabs, etc, then his friend Kevin started learning bass. I didn't know Kevin too well (Although they are all in my form class), and we all started talking. We then decided come Year 9, we'd form a band. And so we have. We got our drummer from another form class who is awesome, and our vocalist is from our class who is a fairly decent singer.

So i'd say it's between 1 n' 2.
2 or 3. Dont start a band based purely on friendship IMO...I had that happen, and none of them wanted to play, it was just an excuse to get together.

I met 2 musicians in HS, and we because friends and still paly together. Well, the guiatrist left, cause he wanted to bring it down to a hobby, but we;re still friends.
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