Well I've been looking at amps for a little while in the 300-400 dollar ranges and yesterday I saw the Kustom HV30 in a local music shop for $280 and it really was beautiful, or at least I thought so, but I've been told that 30 tube watts is cutting it dangerously close for small gigs. So of course heres the 65 watt version.

btw, yes I do know that the effects on the amp are utterly useless, but I have my digitech GNX 1

If anyone's played it I would love an opinion
or if any of you have a better $300-400 ish tube amp (thats at least 50 watts)

That's not a tube amp, it's a hybrid, so it won't be 30 tube watts, it'll be 30 SS watts.

But if you like the sound of it, get it.

Look for some used Fender Hot Rods.
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