Hello, I have been looking for a new acoustic guitar for a while now and am now thinking to get the Martin D-15. I want to get the Mahogany because it is $699.99 at Musiciansfriend which is $200 cheaper then the Rosewood which is $899.99. What I am wondering is if the extra $200 for the Rosewood would be worth it and why it would be better? Thanks.
Depends on the type of sound you want. Rosewood tends to give a very warm sound, which is what I prefer.
It's not really better. Rosewood sounds differant. It's got more sustain and it's warmer. Mahogany has a brighter tone with faster responce and more clarity. The only reason the rosewood guitar costs more is that rosewood costs martin more money to obtain. As mahogany becomes more rare it's prices get closer to that of rosewood. In a year or two I think rosewood will be cheaper than mahogany.
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I've been thinking about buying the D-15 too. But first I need to get a job. Unfortunately the local stores don't have any Martins, so I haven't tried it yet.

Is Frusciante playing a D-15 in the Past Recedes video? It looks just like it. The Martin website lists him as an owner, but it doesn't show the specific models he uses.
I bought one of these (Mahogany body) a couple years ago. Neck was too narrow for me so I sent it back.
Sounded and played great. But a couple points I'll mention. Nothing major, but so you know.
They have a satin finish and are not shiney like other Martins. And for some reason they don't have the Martin sticker in the soundhole like other Martins. No biggie,but I found it odd.
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IMO i think its worth the extra money since i like warmer sounding guitars. You need to try both out at guitar center or any martin carrier around you. Its a feel thing when you play both you'll know which one is for you.
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Ok thanks guys, went to a guitar store earlier today but they only had the Mahogany so I will keep looking.
The rosewood one was a limited edition and it was released over a year ago so don't plan on finding it anywhere but online. You might get lucky and find one, just don't plan on it.
Not taking any online orders.