Was at Joe's Glasgow date last night and it was quite possibley the best gig Ive ever benn to. Joe was amazing and further reaffirmed my belief that he is the greatest living guitarist. Those who have caught him on this tour will understand. He plays electric with the speed,precision of Eric Johnston, the feeling of BBKing and the sheer awesome creativity of an artist at the top of his game. Then he picks up his accoustic and treats us to Django stlye gypsy jazz solo that dropped jaws throughout the room. Next was his slide playing,which as someone who is eluded by slide,was simply unbelievable. All this without taking into consideration his incredibly soulful voice. So anyone else caught him on this tour? If you love blues and spot him coming buy a ticket because you will not be disapointed.
I saw him two weeks ago here in germany. I excepted the concert to be good, but not that good. It was unbelievable. I was there with a friend and we both were so speechless after the concert... Joe is technically really good, bluesy and "rocky" too! And god damn, such a fine guy and guitar player.
Joe Bonamassa is incredible.

Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stage
Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the page
Don't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to look
Don't want to be anything where my life's an open book

Phish - Waste
Saw him 2 months ago, on the U.S. leg of this tour, and once again as always I was blown away. The best guitarist I've seen in years, and that's saying a lot! I've posted this before, but if you're contemplating seeing Joe, check out this video I took when I saw him to get a taste of what you're in for :