Hey! Well, I'm trying to write a song, but I am TOTALLY a country hick and I need to know if this sounds like an okay country song. It's only the chorus so far, which is why I need someone to help me finish it

Just let me take your hand
Just let me hold you tight
Cause, baby, there's no way
I'll make it through tonight
Without you here with me
I have no room to breathe
And I just can't go on
Without you loving me

So don't break away...

Please tell me what you think and help me out! lol
Please delete this and repost with the title of your song as the thred title, or "untitled" if it has no title, the mods'll close this otherwise.

how do i delete the post? lol and thanks a million for tellin me btw! lol i dont wanna get in trouble