hey whats goin on.

my low D A E strings keep breaking. they "uncoil" at the bridge, ive tried sanding down every part of the bridge that the strings have pressure on but nothing is working. ive got a fender standard strat. i would say that i get at least one string break per hour. more or less, everytime i play. im not playing hard at all and use earnie ball 9's

so is there anything at all i can do? im going through 3-4 sets of strings a week and its starting to piss me off.
I don't remember what it's called, but there's this thing you use to keep strings from breaking. Let me look...
New saddles would be the best thing I could recomend. And if you didn't sand the saddles, you could probably get a replacement bridge from fender for free, if the guitar is still under warrenty.

EDIT: Maybe it might be that your action is too high, creating an unfavourable angle from the anchor points of the bridge to the saddles.
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i always found ernie balls not to last long, i would say thats your problem but breaking a string an hour seems a bit to dramatic for that.
Wow, a Fender Standard doing that? Sounds like something is unusually wrong. My Squier's never done that.
i snapped them like once a week when i started
and now i never snap a string
and i've always used ernie balls
if your strings are uncoiling, its probably because you have a sharp burr on your saddle (which might have been made worse by sanding it down).

you can usually get replacement saddles for £1 or 2 , which is alot easier than trying to sand / file the burr down completely.
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