I'm planning on gettign a fender guidtar, here are to im lookign at so far i was wodering whitch was better and if anyone had any sujestions for ones under $500

Fender® Standard HSS Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender® 60th Anniversary Commemorative Standard Stratocaster
get a standard strat or tele
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I recently bought the HSS and i love it but the 60th anniversary one is also nice and i think it has slightly better pickups but i guess it comes down to what type of music you play and if you want/need the humbucker or the classic 3 single coils.For myself i play mainly blues/classic rock but i also like to metal out once and awhile (even though im old now lol) so i went with the HSS.
Well, i'd get that one in brown sunburst with maple fretboard.
But just because i'm up for that certain S-S-S thing.
The one with H-S-S is a little more versatile because of the humbucker. So if you want to have a really versatile one, get the Fat Strat.
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Well, the sunburst ones play better, but the white ones make you travel through time