Thought I'd share a little blues guitar solo I wrote a few days ago. Enjoy.

I'm having some problems with the 3rd bass line (bar #5). It just sounds wrong in terms of the blues progression. It would be great if someone posted a better one.
It doesn't suck... but it does sound awfully "common" to me. It's just not very innovative in terms of aproach as well as harmony. I understand that blues is BLUES... but innovation is always a must for truly good blues... this doesn't do too things: 1) It's on guitar pro, so I really can't understand the most important thing of blues... the emotion behind it, and 2) this is every blues solo rolled into one, you used all the common techniques and movements... nothing to really catch my attention.

I'm not saying it's bad - it's actually quite well laid out, but it's not in the least bit inspired.