theyre called Audiophilia, heres there myspace link. Tell me what you like and what you dislike about them please. Dont act like turds and flame them horribley, if you dont like them id appreciate if youd state why. If you do, thanks! They record in a garage so quality isnt great, but its not horrible.

The only things I can constructively criticize are the following:

(1) I can't hear the bass well.
(2) If they're serious about recording songs, then they shouldn't record in a garage. This is especially important for recording the drums.

As far as the overall concept of the songs... not bad. As an armature recording engineer I see great potential in recording these songs in a more professional manner.
Theyre actually going to most likely be signed to WTL records (a small time indie label) So when they do quality shouldnt be an issue. Theyre also wroking on developing a more punkish sound.