For all of you D/C fans out there, what is (are) your favorite D/C song(s)? I like The Best Deceptions and Swiss Army Romance.
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its old, good, but old lol
The songwriter for that band has super ovaries. The only good song I've heard by him was Vindicated, and that wasn't on any of their regular albums, as I recall.

I was suckered into buying their two latest.
I'm not a big DC fan at all, and I especially don't like the latest album. However, to stick to the topic instead of just giving a negative opinion, I'll have to say that I do like Hands Down (especially the acoustic verson) and For You To Notice. The Best Deceptions is alright too.
Mine is deffinitly remember to breathe. Acoustic im not sure if its regular acoustic or its the acoustic version lol. I listen to it in acoustic so im not sure since i just downloaded a couple of their songs.
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I listened to Vindicated and thought they were good, but after listening to some more, I wasn't impressed. So I'll go with Vindicated.
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i love DC, one of my top fav. bands, chris is a bad azz, my fav DC acoustic's are, vindicated, the best deceptions, hands down, swiss army romance, remember to breathe, living in your letters, but i really like everything chris does on acoustic
Dashboard is my favorite band and their best song is either 'Stolen' or 'The Secret is in the Telling'