I have decided that I need to get a new amp.
Up until now, in my year and a half of playing I have only had one amp.

Which is that, a Peavey Blazer 158.

It's only 15 Watts and up until now it has suited me perfectly fine. I have only been pretty much playing by myself for practice and jamming out with other guitarists I know. But they also had small 10/15/30 Watt Amps, and we always made sure they were evently volumed.

But now I am in a band and we already did some small gig at a thing for my school. There were like 300 or so people there, and it was in a sizeable audotorium. But I know my amp was not nearly big enough and it was miced to be heard well in the back.

So I'd like to upgrade.

My band is predominately metal/hardcore kind of music. BUT I do like to play on my own sometimes. I play all kinds of music by myself. Actually, when I am by myself it is usually softer music, so cleaner or very little distortion. I also like to experiment with funk and ska so it's a pretty wide range of musical styles that I try to immerse myself in.

So basically I have decided that I need an amp that is signifigantly louder than the current one I have (which I mentioned above is a Peavey Blazer 158). I'll need it to be able to compete with A bassist with a 120 Watt Amp, another guitarist with a 50 watt amp, a vocalist, a backup vocalist, and of course a drummer. I'd actually like it to surpass all of them a bit just in case I ever need to be louder.

Now I understand that the Bass has much lower frequency than my guitar will. I know it will carry farther and people will be able to feel it much more signifigantly. But I was wondering if a 100 Watt amp would be able to compete with it in just one room. For instance, I mean will people in the room we are playing in be able to hear my guitar just as well as they can hear his bass if we have the same sound level?

Now based on what I undestand, a 100 Watt amp is only twice as loud as a 10 watt amp? I have heard a lot of 10 watt amps turned up and they don't even seem to be loud at all. They CERTAINLY don't compete with a drumset, bass, vocals, and another guitar. So I cannot imagine that an amp twice as loud would be much better.

Now of course I am going to purchase a mixer and PA system but that is a bit later.

So I have tried a few amps, Fender, Crate, Vox, and Marshall. Those are about the only kinds of amps I could really find to give a good test play. Because Guitar Center is pretty much about the only exclusively guitar based dealership around me. I am pretty sure that people at a regular music store wouldn't have quite the selection, nor would they have people specialized in guitars. But more musically generalized.

So after doing some hands on research I decided that the amp I like most is a half-stack. It will be This head with this cabinet. But I don't know if this amp is going to be loud enough for what I need it for. The total without tax is $750.00 for both the head and the cabinet. I want to know if anyone could answer the questions I stated above (which I will now summarize) along with a few others.

1. Will the amp head I picked (link above) be sufficent enough to provide me with good sound quality on varying styles of music? (As I mentioned I enjoy playing Ska, Metal, Funk, Hardcore and also Jazz and soft rock.)

2. Will my selected amp be able to compete with and/or surpass the things I mentioned above? (Bassist with a 120 Watt amp, Drummer, Lead and Backup Vocals, Another guitarist.)

3. Will people be able to hear my guitar as well as or better as they can hear my bassist and his 120 watt half-stack? I know the frequencies are much lower on the bass therefore it carries farther and it is more "felt". But will people in the same room be able to hear my guitar just as well as his bass? I could care less about being heard throughout the entire neighborhood, but I do care about being heard as well as my other bandmates in the same room. I am of course speaking about at a high volume level, if we wanted to play quietly we could all just turn down to the volume of the lowest amp, but we want it loud. So will the amp I selected be able to do that?

4. If a 100 Watt is only twice as loud as a 10 Watt, will my 100 watt honestly be enough watts for what I need it for? I plan on playing in environments like my basement (which is where we practice), in my room by myself, in a sizeable audotorium which has the seating capacity of about 2,500 people, in a small venue (about 500 people max) and other places that a lot of bands would play together.

5. I have heard that if you have a 100 watt amp or higher that you can only get a good, solid sound sound if it is turned up signifigantly. Will this hold true to the amp head I chose? Because on the back of the amp head there is a control where I can modify the wattage from anywhere from 10 Watts to 100 Watts and anywhere inbetween. With that can I modify the watts coming out of the amp and crank up my master volume and regular volume and get the good sound that the amp is supposed to produce? This is a modeling amp that I picked so I know that it will vary on how much I need to turn it up to get the best sound but I'd like as generalized answer.

5. I've only seen this amp advertised as a half stack. But I was wondering if I could still hook up another cabinet and get the same amount of volume and tonal quality coming out of both? I am pretty sure that it has two jacks for two speakers. (2 x EXTERNAL SPEAKER OUT is listed on every site advertising it including the offical website of the amplifier manufacturer). But from what I know if you hook up more than a certain amount of speakers they each start to lose a little bit of their volume and quality. For instance, if I get a surround sound stereo system, 5.1, which I believe has 5 speakers and a sub, if I hook up more than those 6 things then every extra one I add will lose a small amount of volume and tonal quality. I am not sure if this is true so I'd very much appreciate if anyone could answer that for me. Also, assuming that is true, if I hooked up two of the cabs that I linked to above would each one only get 50 watts of power to it because the head is 100 watts and can't give out more than that. I am not sure that is true though because I have seen 100 watt full stacks, but maybe only 50 watts comes out of each but then what is the point of it? To point them in different directions for better sound coverage? My problem is that Vox does not make a full stack so if anyone could answer the several quesitons in this paragraph that would greatly help me.

6. Is $750.00 an okay price for a 100 watt half stack? It is a rip off? I've never bought an amp on my own accord, my current one was given to me as a present from my parents years ago, and only in the past year and half have I been getting into guitar. I have a job of my own. But my parents are going to help me pay for it. They said they will get me the head and I can buy the cabinet. I have tried to look at other places for the head and cab but even at musicians friend the amp is the same price as the usually overpriced guitar center. So the question is, is $750.00 a reasonable price for what I'll be getting?

I know I basically wrote a book but these questions and their answers are very important to me. This is a huge investment and I want to make sure I am making the wrong choice. I have no one else left to consult as I've consulted a lot of people already but none had sufficent answers. I know this is a very popular website so I am hoping that I can get the help I need here. Thanks to anyone who replies and can help me.
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All you have to read is #1. - # 6. I don't think it is that much to ask, like 5 minutes of reading.
personally i'd say you might want to look into a used tube, everyone will tell you that

but for solidstate amps, the vox's are elite, but solid state stacks are a waste

Now every single person on UG will tell you to get a tube combo, which i agree with them, never ever ever buy a solid state stack, in most cases there a waste

if you want to stick with a solidstate, i think you should get the VoxAd100VT, and a amp stand. only 2 less speakers, save yourself 200 bucks because you really wont need a stack at all.
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Yeah, with that kind of money you could get a nice tube combo.
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Aren't tubes louder than SS? How much louder? Is it even noticable?
I was going to actually get an AD100VT until I found out that VOX made a half stack. So I wanted that so I could add a speaker if I wanted to, or if I wanted to just bring my head to a gig and hook it up to the sound system. But if I did that often enough wouldn't the combo be pointless since according to Vox the internal speaker isn't used when you hook it up to another speaker or other output device? But if I had the half-stack the Cab is still being used even if you hook it up to an external device. So why would 200$ less be a better deal if I was just hooking up to a PA all the time anyways and the speakers weren't even being used?
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Yeah, with that kind of money you could get a nice tube combo.

But I do not know of any modeling tube amps. I think I need a modeling one because if I don't get a modeling amp wouldn't I end up spening up to grand in extra pedals and such?
^That's why you need to try out different amps .
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
or save up ALOT and get all the amps that are in teh modelling ones, the real tube ones, then get a BIG A/B/Y/ pedal, but its gunna have to be leik an A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/Y pedal and tehn have all ru amps hooked up and turned onthen whatever amp u wanan use just press the corresponding button and there ya go!
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Quote by FaygoBro420
Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?